Zucchini Noodles with Basil Pesto
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Also called Courgette Noodles with Basil Pesto - Courgette is just another word for Zucchini
Serves: 2-3
  • Zucchini Pasta
  • Zucchinis (courgettes) x 4 medium - skin on
  • Fresh natural butter (2 tablespoons)
  • Fresh Garlic Clove x 2 crushed
  • Basil Pesto
  • Fresh Basil Leaves (1 bunch/punnet) - about 40 leaves
  • Fresh Garlic Clove x 1 crushed
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 6 tablespoons
  • Pine Nuts x 1.5 tablespoons
  • Grated or Shredded Parmesan Cheese x 4 heaped tablespoons
  • Extra parmesan and basil leaves to finish off dish and garnish
  1. Make the zucchini pasta
  2. Spiralize the zucchinis using a spiralizer. A simple manual basic one is perfect.
  3. Throw the zucchinis in a deep pan on the stove
  4. Add the butter and 2 cloves crushed garlic
  5. Lightly stirfry zucchini pasta for ten minutes on medium, until very firm but tender
  6. While the zucchini is cooking, make the basil pesto as follows:
  7. Pick the basil leaves off the stem
  8. Put a few small-medium leaves aside for garnish
  9. Add all pesto ingredients to a small blender
  10. Blend until smooth and well combined.
  11. The pesto is ready to serve as is.
  12. Place the warm zucchini spirals in bowls
  13. Add a few tablespoons of basic pesto to each
  14. Top with extra grated fresh parmesan cheese
  15. Top with extra basil leaves
  16. Serve immediately
Optional: You can add a pinch salt to the pesto to taste, but take care, as even two pinches can potentially make it too salty, as parmesan is naturally quite salty.
Hot tip: if the pesto has a sour edge, just add a little more parmesan to balance it.
Recipe by My Food Temple at https://www.myfoodtemple.com/zucchini-pasta-with-basil-pesto/