Chicken Avocado and Cheese Melt
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
There is one slice shown in the photo, the recipe yields two of these slices.
Serves: 2
  • ¼ of a turkish bread flat loaf cut into two flat thin slices
  • Half a medium avocado (cut into slivers)
  • ¼ of a roast chicken with skin removed (cold is fine) - cut into bite size pieces
  • 60 grams shredded tasty cheddar cheese
  • 80 grams cream cheese (softened/room temperature)
  • Sprinkle of himalayan pink sea salt
  1. Toast the slices of turkish bread in the toaster browned and crunchy
  2. Top each slice with avocado pieces
  3. Mix roast chicken pieces with cream cheese until roughly coated
  4. Spoon chicken cream cheese mixture onto turkish bread
  5. Top with tasty shredded cheese
  6. Place under medium hot grill until cheese is just melted
  7. Sprinkle each slice with a touch of himalayan pink sea salt (to taste)
  8. Serve
- I confess that sometimes I totally over indulge and eat two slices (and I have noticed that hungry males prefer two slices). But one slice is all your body needs.
- The chicken warms up when the dish is placed under the grill to melt the cheese
- I buy a roast chicken and keep it in the fridge to make this dish because I love the flavour of roasted chicken and this is a time saver recipe. The left over chicken can be used to make casseroles to freeze, chicken sandwiches and more melts.
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